How to format my MI phone

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it’s very easy to for all How to format my MI phone. in today’s post, I will share some steps by step to reset your “MI” mobile phones or other phones based on all android devices. how to format mi phone easily on your android devices.

don’t think it’s very hard “How to reset mi phone” because it’s very easy to format your mi phones or other android phones which are run in android devices. reset mi phone.

There are the two ways to format MI phones.

Keep in mind, these ways work on any MI mobile phones.

Just follow this simple steps and you can achieve your Goal. which was “How to reset mi phone

  1. soft Reset (available in your phone settings.)
  2. Hard Reset (Formatting through your phone Recovery Mode.)

How to reset mi phone

How To Format MI Phone.

how to format mi phone

Step 1 – Switch off your “MI” Android phone.

Step 2 – Press and hold the volume down and both power buttons simultaneously. Hold down the keys until the phone does not start.

If your “MI” Phone Recovery Mode does not start then try these steps of key’s combinations.

Volume Up + Power key. ( press and hold )
Top volume key + home + power.
Volume Down + Power Key.
Volume Down + Home + Power Key.

After Start Your Recovery Mode.

how to factory reset mi phone

Step 3 – Now you will select the Wipe data/Factory reset. / original reset. Press the volume up / down the volume to scroll down / up and the power key for the selected option.

Now you will select the Wipe data/Factory reset. Press the volume down/up key for scroll down/up and power key for selected the option in your mi phones.

Step 4 – Scroll down and then select yes option.

Step 5 – Factory reset will begin start. When this process is completed then select the reset option.

how to format mi phone
how to format mi phone

How To Reset “MI” Phone Via Setting.

it’s also a very easy way to reset or format your “MI” mobile phones or other android devices. format mi phone

  1. Open your phone’s settings app on your phone.
  2. Tap on Additional Setting.
  3. Tap Backup & reset.
  4. Tap Factory data reset Option.
  5. Next, Now you can choose an app if you want to uninstall downloaded applications and content from the external Sd card
  6. Once When You are Ready, Reset the phone.
how to format mi phone
how to format mi phone

How to format my MI phone

After following these steps now I am sure you are successfully erase or format your MI mobile phone easily.

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